Copy writers

Have you ever thought why a product, which you have just launched, is not selling as much as it should, despite the fact that you have optimised your website for search engines? Have you checked the sales copy of the product on your website? Chances are that it might not make any sense. You should realise that customers from various parts of the world might not be as fluent in English as the natives of English speaking countries are. Check the sales copy yourself does it look appealing? Remember, the average visitor will not remain on your online store unless you grab their attention with the first few lines of your sales text. This is where many individuals make the mistake of hiring writers from countries whose native tongue is not English. This does not mean that overseas copy writers are not proficient in English... they are, but only a limited number of them have the ability to write sales material that grabs the attention of the visitor.

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The structure of the text

The headline should lay stress on the problem the visitor is facing... be it searching for a suitable gift for their child or purchasing a new smartphone... after all this is why they have visited your site. The first few lines of the text should explain the problem of similar products sold by your competitors. It should then proceed to address how visitors stand to gain from purchasing that product from your site. Writing content for blogs and second or third tier content sites is much easier than writing sales material for your website. If this is not enough, hiring a native English writer might not help unless they have detailed information about the product. They might research about it online and write a general copy. However, hundreds of other websites, promoting the same product, have similar information. You need to be sure that the text on your website is different from the others. It should be written in a professional manner and should explain the values of your products or services in detail. This task is beyond the scope of an ordinary writer.

Excessive and improper usage of synonyms

More often than not, writers, in an attempt to show their calibre, tend to use synonyms of particular words that most people cannot understand. It becomes easy for visitors to understand the sales copy if the copy writers write it in simple and easy to follow English. It makes no sense in seeking the help of a freelancer to write the sales text unless you can proof read it and rectify the mistakes. It is better to employ professional copy writers in your company. Since they will have access to the product, they can inspect it thoroughly and write compelling sales material about the same. Remember, your site should impress potential clients on their first visit. If it does not, you can rest assured that they will never visit your site again. Compare the sales document of the same product on a standard website with that of leading online shops and you will understand the difference professional copy writers can make with the sales material of your website.